Eggs In Purgatory


Synopsis: Suzanne, Toni, and Petra lost their husbands but found in each other a life raft of support, inspiration, fresh baked goods, and their own business. But when the Cackleberry Club cafe opened its doors in the town of Kindred, who’d have guessed that the cozy oasis would become the scene of a crime? Suzanne’s lawyer is found in his car behind the cafe with egg on his face and blood on the dash. She takes the crime personally-the murder revels a scandal in her late husband’s past, and may put Suzanne’s life on the line.


I have just finished reading Eggs in Purgatory by Laura Childs. I love mysteries especially cozy mysteries that are a quick fun read. Eggs in Purgatory is book one in the Crackleberry Club series. In the first book you are introduced to three women who are in different stages of life in regards to their husbands. They all work together at the local cafe known as the Crackleberry Club that also has a book shop and yarn shop included. The mystery starts off fairly quickly in the book with different events happening within that effect the main character Suzanne along with the other two women.

I loved this book, it was fun and left you wanting to know more as the story unfolded. Once I work through my summer reading pile I will definitly be adding the rest of the series to my to be read pile this fall. A nice bonus is there are recipes included that are mentioned in the book.

On a scale of one to five with one being don’t waste your time to a five being what are you waiting on already I give this book a four, definitely worth the time to read it but there are other books out there that might be worth reading first. If you are needing to clense your pallet after a hard read then this is the perfect sorbet to do it with