Story Time


I loved going to the library as a child especially when it was story time. I have fond memories of passing my love of story time onto my son when he was younger. Now that he is a teenager he is beyond the days of story time but his love of reading rivals mine these days. Now that I have my daughter who is turning 3 I get to share story time once again. Now that school is out we go each week and look at books along with participate in story time. She enjoys the songs, books, and the craft that they do each week. We are lucky to have an amazing children's librarian who is passionate about books and children. I know we will miss story time when school starts up in the fall but for now its one of our favorite summer activities.

It is my goal that once I complete my Masters in Library Science that I work in a school library with younger children. I firmly believe that children need a firm foundation of reading in the early years to help them throughout their school years. If I am not lucky to find a school to work at then I will search for a public library in need of a children's librarian. I see just how important the work they do for the community by not just working in a library right now but also participating in the activities with my children when I am not working.

Do you have a great children's librarian at your local library or even school library? Were you blessed to have a great children's librarian when you were a child?


“Reading should not be presented to children as a chore or duty. It should be offered to them as a precious gift.” — Kate DiCamillo